Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Siege - Demo (1984)

Siege were an amazingly fast thrashcore band from Weymouth, MA. They played their first set at their high school's battle of the bands in 1984 where they were disqualified for smashing a bass on the stage. A kid who was there wrote a boss article about it in the school newspaper. Check it out:
 The kid who took the pictures and wrote the article is now a man and has a website with a page about the show. Check him out: http://www.exotope.com/siege/
I don't remember much about Weymouth, MA but I did used to hang out with a girl from Waltham, MA when I was in high school. Her mom had been asked out by Aerosmith's Steven Tyler while they were in high school but she turned him down because "he had no future". She's now happily married to an electrician named Buddy.  Sorry, Steven.


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