Friday, September 16, 2011

WUGAZI - 13 Chambers

Ok...ok now...this post is going to be rife, nay, RIDDLED with disclaimers and qualifications. Let's fucking do this.
First off, I know that this record is 1) available for free download from the dudes who created it and 2) has blown the fuck up over the last few months with everyone's mom bumping it but neither of these facts matter here. Nobody's mom reads this shit and B's not as hip as your mom so I suspect he hasn't heard WUGAZI. This is for him.
Brass tacks: This is Wu-Tang vocals over beats made of Fugazi samples. Most are refering to this as a "mash-up" but I'm OG and hate that term. This is a "mixtape" of "remixes".
I'm a fan of both Wu and Fu but I've always been way more into 36 Chambers than 13 Songs. Wu-Tang matches the raw intensity of Minor Threat more for me than FUGAZI and I bet Ian would be just fine with that fact.
So here it is. Dig or don't. I honestly couldn't care less.


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