Thursday, September 15, 2011

White Walls - Kevin (CS)

This tape is nuts. Brutal, desperate, depressing, heavy as fuck. Dissonant but never confusing. Cincinnati's White Walls  describe "Kevin" as their magnus opus. It's a funeral dirge. It's slow-motion car crash. It's a slug of whiskey that's almost too hot to swallow. The tape was released by LIFE-ROT but LIFE-ROT's gone (at least I can't find them). White Walls' debut 7" was released by Video Disease Records but that shit's sold out. They're playing in Cincinnati next week while I'll be in Columbus. Google Maps tells me that's a day and a half walk.

Until recently I worked at a punk bar with a punk kid who's got switchblades tattooed on his face. One night after a show there said kid and I were talking about band merch. He said "Fuck these kids selling tapes at shows. I always try to support the bands but if they're selling tapes I'm like, 'fuck that', they need to get modern and put out a fucking CD". What a maroon.


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  1. glad to see you've been active! I been in an academic hole and other ones too. Now I am gonna download some stuff and jam out.